Thursday, November 20, 2014

Colon Cleanse Hacks for Best Results!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

It's been a while since my last colon cleanse blog entry. I'm very grateful that people are finding value in the information I have provided here. It is such an empowering thing to take control of our own health from the inside out!

I have received some feedback from "How To Cleanse Your Body" blog readers who are having slow results in passing the mucoid plaque which is the objective of this colon cleanse. I'm going to share the solutions I provide to my Cleanse Coaching clients to help them get the most out of a colon cleanse.

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Here are my best Colon Cleanse Hacks for Best Results!

7 Things To Support the Release of Mucoid Plaque During a Colon Cleanse:

  1. Fasting or Snacking??
  2. Abdominal Massage 
  3. Digestive Enzymes
  4. Laxative Modification
  5. Water Intake
  6. Magnesium Supplementation
  7. Rest and Relaxation!!
These seven things help to support the best colon cleanse experience.

Fasting or Snacking??

Almost every time a client has had slow results in passing mucoid plaque during this colon cleanse, they eventually confess that they have been eating some small amount of food during the cleanse period. If someone attempting the colon cleanse has been eating during the colon cleanse (even small snacks) then mucoid plaque is far less likely to be released, as the cleanse mixture simply binds to the food eaten. Snacking also makes it harder to ever find the willpower to fully fast. If a person can overcome the urge to consume any food other than the cleanse drink and water for the first 48-72 hours, the urge to eat becomes much less or completely disappears. However, each time the person consumes any amount of food, that clock resets and they usually have to suffer another 2-3 days of being hungry while trying to cleanse. Some people can't ever stop themselves from snacking and wind up with little to no results after the entire period, which is just annoying. If a person is concerned about nutrition during the cleanse, drinking filtered (fiber removed) green juice is a great addition between cleanse drinks that will not disrupt the cleansing process.

Abdominal Massage

Using two or three fingers to explore the entire surface of the belly and abdomen is a wonderful way to relax the intestines and colon as well as to help mucoid plaque detach from the intestinal walls. Using some natural cooking oil (olive, coconut, etc.) will facilitate a gentle gliding motion to help fingers slide across skin. By gently increasing pressure, particularly at areas where sensation is felt, circulation is drawn to the areas that need support.

Digestive Enzymes

When we eat food, digestive enzymes help to break it down. Our body makes them but they are also available in supplement form. With the absence of food in the digestive system during the cleanse, any digestive enzymes that are taken go to work on the buildup - the mucoid plaque! Enzymes dissolve the thick, rubbery material from the outside, helping it detach from the intestinal wall. Cramping has been reported and enzyme support should be used at your own discretion. I have found that massaging the areas where cramping is felt resulted in subsequent great releases of mucoid plaque material. It seems that the pulling, cramping feeling was the actual sensation of the mucoid plaque detaching from the intestinal lining. My favorite broad-spectrum digestive enzyme is Enzymedica's Digest Gold™. I have also had good results with a simple combination of bromelain (from pineapple) and papain (papaya enzyme) by Nature's Life.

Laxative Modification

Since the mucoid plaque is thick and not easily passed, some type of laxative is used during the cleanse to promote bowel movements. This is not a "crap-your-brains-out-all-day" colon cleanse! People on this cleanse are far more likely to not go enough than too much. In the Colon Cleanse Recipe and Protocol post, laxative options such as a salt water flush, laxative tablets and senna tea were discussed. If a person has been using the cleanse drink every 3 hours for the past 4 days and has not eaten any food during that time but still has not eliminated any mucoid plaque by day 4, it may be helpful to gently increase the amount of laxative being used.

Water Intake

We've all heard it said that most people just don't drink enough water. During colon cleansing, the intestines and colon need to stay lubricated and the body overall must remain well-hydrated. Proper hydration supports good elimination always and during colon cleansing this is even more important. Still, uncarbonated plain spring water is ideal. Fizzy water doesn't cut it for this, nor do flavored waters or sports waters.

Magnesium Supplementation

Magnesium naturally supports digestion and elimination by hydrating and relaxing the muscles of the intestinal wall. Even a mild magnesium supplement will often prompt movement of the bowels. Some people are contra-indicated against magnesium use due to conflict with other medications, so be sure to decide whether to use magnesium at your own discretion. Natural Vitality's Natural Calm is a great product and usually gets things moving right along!

Rest and Relaxation!!

This is the simplest but often the most overlooked cleanse support factor! People who try to add a cleanse to an already busy lifestyle are less likely to get good results. Why? Because busy = stress, poor breathing, tight muscles (including tight intestinal muscles), and more anti-cleanse conditions. If you have decided to cleanse, try to make time to also nurture and pamper yourself. A massage or a warm, soothing bath helps to melt away muscle tension and relax the body. If those aren't available options, just stepping away from the hustle and bustle to a stock room or bathroom and sitting down while taking 20 very deep, very slow breaths provides wonderful cleanse support.

Here's to our health!

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