Friday, February 17, 2012

Do I Need A Kidney Cleanse?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

Deciding Whether To Do A Kidney Cleanse

Like colon cleansing, kidney cleansing is a primary cleanse. It should be done either first or second in the cleanse order, depending on the individual. If the kidneys are extremely toxic, cleansing them first may be necessary to ensure a comfortable colon cleanse.

How can you know whether you have toxic kidneys? You can take this quiz:

1. How many cups of coffee, tea (non-herbal) or caffeinated beverages do you have per week? ____

2. How many servings of dark chocolate or soda do you have per week? ____

3. How many energy supplements or energy drinks do you take per week? ____

4. How many times do you take prescription pills or over-the-counter drugs per week? ____

5. How many servings of non-organic fruit juice do you have per week? ____

Add the total numbers together for each question 1-5.

6. How many cups of water do you drink per day? ____

Multiply your answer to this question by 3 and subtract the answer from your total for questions 1-5.

7. Do you have frequent lower back pain that is not related to a specific accident?  Yes   No

8. Do you find yourself feeling anxious or irritable on a regular basis? Yes   No

If you answered Yes to question 7 or question 8, add 6 points to your total for each "Yes" answer.

Here's how to score your quiz:

Less than 10 points: Your kidneys are likely to be average or healthy.

Over 10 points: Your kidneys may be toxic. A colon cleanse followed by a kidney cleanse can lessen the toxic load and allow kidneys to begin regenerating.