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Colon Cleanse Hacks for Best Results!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

It's been a while since my last colon cleanse blog entry. I'm very grateful that people are finding value in the information I have provided here. It is such an empowering thing to take control of our own health from the inside out!

I have received some feedback from "How To Cleanse Your Body" blog readers who are having slow results in passing the mucoid plaque which is the objective of this colon cleanse. I'm going to share the solutions I provide to my Cleanse Coaching clients to help them get the most out of a colon cleanse.

If this is the first page you're finding at this blog, you may want to start with one of the other articles, such as Colon Cleanse Recipe and Protocol.

Here are my best Colon Cleanse Hacks for Best Results!

7 Things To Support the Release of Mucoid Plaque During a Colon Cleanse:

  1. Fasting or Snacking??
  2. Abdominal Massage 
  3. Digestive Enzymes
  4. Laxative Modification
  5. Water Intake
  6. Magnesium Supplementation
  7. Rest and Relaxation!!
These seven things help to support the best colon cleanse experience.

Fasting or Snacking??

Almost every time a client has had slow results in passing mucoid plaque during this colon cleanse, they eventually confess that they have been eating some small amount of food during the cleanse period. If someone attempting the colon cleanse has been eating during the colon cleanse (even small snacks) then mucoid plaque is far less likely to be released, as the cleanse mixture simply binds to the food eaten. Snacking also makes it harder to ever find the willpower to fully fast. If a person can overcome the urge to consume any food other than the cleanse drink and water for the first 48-72 hours, the urge to eat becomes much less or completely disappears. However, each time the person consumes any amount of food, that clock resets and they usually have to suffer another 2-3 days of being hungry while trying to cleanse. Some people can't ever stop themselves from snacking and wind up with little to no results after the entire period, which is just annoying. If a person is concerned about nutrition during the cleanse, drinking filtered (fiber removed) green juice is a great addition between cleanse drinks that will not disrupt the cleansing process.

Abdominal Massage

Using two or three fingers to explore the entire surface of the belly and abdomen is a wonderful way to relax the intestines and colon as well as to help mucoid plaque detach from the intestinal walls. Using some natural cooking oil (olive, coconut, etc.) will facilitate a gentle gliding motion to help fingers slide across skin. By gently increasing pressure, particularly at areas where sensation is felt, circulation is drawn to the areas that need support.

Digestive Enzymes

When we eat food, digestive enzymes help to break it down. Our body makes them but they are also available in supplement form. With the absence of food in the digestive system during the cleanse, any digestive enzymes that are taken go to work on the buildup - the mucoid plaque! Enzymes dissolve the thick, rubbery material from the outside, helping it detach from the intestinal wall. Cramping has been reported and enzyme support should be used at your own discretion. I have found that massaging the areas where cramping is felt resulted in subsequent great releases of mucoid plaque material. It seems that the pulling, cramping feeling was the actual sensation of the mucoid plaque detaching from the intestinal lining. My favorite broad-spectrum digestive enzyme is Enzymedica's Digest Gold™. I have also had good results with a simple combination of bromelain (from pineapple) and papain (papaya enzyme) by Nature's Life.

Laxative Modification

Since the mucoid plaque is thick and not easily passed, some type of laxative is used during the cleanse to promote bowel movements. This is not a "crap-your-brains-out-all-day" colon cleanse! People on this cleanse are far more likely to not go enough than too much. In the Colon Cleanse Recipe and Protocol post, laxative options such as a salt water flush, laxative tablets and senna tea were discussed. If a person has been using the cleanse drink every 3 hours for the past 4 days and has not eaten any food during that time but still has not eliminated any mucoid plaque by day 4, it may be helpful to gently increase the amount of laxative being used.

Water Intake

We've all heard it said that most people just don't drink enough water. During colon cleansing, the intestines and colon need to stay lubricated and the body overall must remain well-hydrated. Proper hydration supports good elimination always and during colon cleansing this is even more important. Still, uncarbonated plain spring water is ideal. Fizzy water doesn't cut it for this, nor do flavored waters or sports waters.

Magnesium Supplementation

Magnesium naturally supports digestion and elimination by hydrating and relaxing the muscles of the intestinal wall. Even a mild magnesium supplement will often prompt movement of the bowels. Some people are contra-indicated against magnesium use due to conflict with other medications, so be sure to decide whether to use magnesium at your own discretion. Natural Vitality's Natural Calm is a great product and usually gets things moving right along!

Rest and Relaxation!!

This is the simplest but often the most overlooked cleanse support factor! People who try to add a cleanse to an already busy lifestyle are less likely to get good results. Why? Because busy = stress, poor breathing, tight muscles (including tight intestinal muscles), and more anti-cleanse conditions. If you have decided to cleanse, try to make time to also nurture and pamper yourself. A massage or a warm, soothing bath helps to melt away muscle tension and relax the body. If those aren't available options, just stepping away from the hustle and bustle to a stock room or bathroom and sitting down while taking 20 very deep, very slow breaths provides wonderful cleanse support.

Here's to our health!

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The Kidney Cleanse

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

This article is all about Kidney Cleansing. Below you will find:
  • The Best Method for Cleansing the Kidneys
  • Modified Master Cleanse Recipe As A Kidney Cleanse
  • What to Avoid while Cleansing the Kidneys
  • What To Expect On The Kidney Cleanse
  • How To Support Your Body While Kidney Cleansing
  • How Long Is The Kidney Cleanse?
  • An Alternate Method for Cleansing the Kidneys
  • A Warning About Pre-Made Kidney Cleanses
  • Deciding When To Do a Kidney Cleanse

The Best Kidney Cleanse is a Modified Master Cleanse

The fastest and easiest method for cleansing the kidneys is to do a modified master cleanse. There is no fasting with this and you are able to use raw wild or organic honey instead of the now highly overpriced organic maple syrup.

Modified Master Cleanse Recipe As A Kidney Cleanse
Cayenne lemonade is generally known as "the master cleanse". For the "modified master cleanse", I do not advocate the fasting that accompanies the complete master cleanse program, as it tends to disrupt normal metabolism and prompt rapid weight gain upon its completion.

The parts of the master cleanse that work on the kidneys are the cayenne, lemon and water. Cayenne can stimulate circulation and freshly squeezed lemon juice can alkalize the body. This combination with lots of water is great for quickly flushing toxins out of the kidneys. You can sweeten the mixture with stevia. Drink as much of the cayenne lemonade as is comfortable throughout the day and gradually increase the amount of cayenne as you are able. Also feel free to add some cayenne to your food during this time of cleansing the kidneys. 

If you can do some walking, light hiking or yoga, you will enhance your body's ability to flush toxins out of the kidneys. Poses like camel pose (ustrasana) are perfect for this. Try to rest more often as you are able.

When cleansing the kidneys, it is important to make some dietary observations or modifications. These modifications are very important to ensure that the kidneys are less likely to be damaged while they are at their most vulnerable state. The most important thing to remember is not to ingest items that are toxic to the kidneys while attempting to cleanse them.

Avoid The Following While Cleansing The Kidneys:
  • animal products, especially meat
  • caffeine, including green or white tea and yerba mate
  • alcoholic beverages and alcohol-based supplements, including kombucha
  • chocolate, especially dark chocolate
  • pain-killers and non-essential medications
  • energy drinks or energy/metabolic supplements
  • beverages or supplements containing B12 (cyanocobalamin), theobromine or theophylline
  • if you use salt, ensure that it is ONLY pure sea salt with no additives
  • anything with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • carbonated beverages and sodas, including sparkling water
  • artificial sweeteners (stevia, honey and maple syrup are fine)
If you cannot comfortably avoid any of these items and still function on a daily basis, then your kidneys and the connected adrenal glands are probably already taxed, overworked and toxic and you will need to formulate a long-term plan to wean yourself off of these items to avoid future health problems that stem from kidneys that are weak and unable to function optimally.

What To Expect On The Kidney Cleanse

There are certainly some side effects of cleansing the kidneys. If you know what to expect, they can be easily managed.

Kidney Cleanse Side Effects
  • acidic body smell
  • irritability, anxiety
  • tiredness, sluggishness or depression
When you are doing the kidney cleanse, one side effect is that by the second or third day you will notice a peculiar smell under your arms and possibly also in your urine. It smells like a city alley on a hot day. That lovely fragrance is uric acid. Your kidneys are purging their excess acid along with toxins. When the smell begins to fade, your kidney cleanse is working! Depending on your level of toxicity, this could take anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks. Using a natural deodorant, like the crystal deodorant or crystal deodorant spray is helpful for neutralizing these smelly kidney acids.

During this cleanse, you may feel irritable or anxious as your kidneys release. This is normal. If your mood becomes a hindrance to daily functions, you may supplement with natural magnesium or Nutritional Yeast (as long as it has not been artificially fortified with B-12) from your health food store to ease your temperament until you are finished cleansing.

Your kidneys are the energy and power centers of your body. While they are being cleansed and rehabilitated, you may find yourself more tired or down than usual. Just realize that this is part of the process and rest as much as you can.

How To Support Your Body While Kidney Cleansing
  • rest as much as possible
  • shower using natural soap and a washcloth or brush to exfoliate
  • soak in very warm baths to help the kidneys release toxins (add sea salt or epsom salt to your bath for more help)
  • drink lots of spring water or reverse osmosis filtered water
  • if you feel dizzy, lightheaded or angry, have a toxin absorbing drink (the same as the colon cleanse drink recipe) to absorb the toxins that your kidneys have released into your body

How Long Is The Kidney Cleanse?

People often ask how long the kidney cleanse lasts. The answer is that your body will let you know when it is finished. As you continue to cleanse, all of the cleanse side effects begin to subside. When you are still using the kidney cleanse lemonade or tea and your smell returns to normal and you have no more tiredness, dizziness or irritability, then you are probably done. If you do the Modified Master Cleanse as your Kidney Cleanse, that may be 3-15 days. If you use the Kidney Cleanse Tea, this process can take up to three months because it works much more slowly.

Kidney Cleanse Tea Recipe 
- An Alternate Method for Cleansing The Kidneys

Many sources sell kidney cleanse teas* (see below for an important note about this), but you can easily make your own by obtaining the following organic herbs. Many health food stores have a section with bulk herbs where you can find these, or you can purchase bulk quantities yourself and do kidney cleansing with a group of friends!
  • ounces Comfrey Root (not leaf)
  • 2 ounces Holy Basil (a.k.a. Tulsi)
  • ounces Marjoram
  • ounces Burdock Root
  • 4 ounces Chicory Root
  • 4 ounces Fennel Seed
  • 4 ounces Golden Rod
  • 4 ounces Gravel Root (a.k.a. Queen of the Meadow Root)
  • 4 ounces Hydrangea Root
  • 4 ounces Juniper Berries (crushed)
  • 4 ounces Marshmallow Root
  • 4 ounces Red Clover
If you are unable to find any of these ingredients, please look in stores or online to find them in capsule form. One bottle of about 60 capsules should yield approximately 1.4 oz but you will need to open each capsule and add them to the dry kidney cleanse tea mixture. 

  1. Put all ingredients into a clean, dry container with a tight-fitting lid that holds at least 2 quarts. You may use any container, such as a pitcher or even an unused gallon-size Ziploc freezer bag. 
  2. Put the top on and turn & shake the container to make an even blend of all ingredients. 
  3. Each evening, put 2 heaping tablespoons of the tea mixture into a pot and add 3 cups of filtered water. 
  4. Cover the pot, put it over the lowest heat and allow it to gradually come to a simmer. When it has simmered, turn off the heat and keep it covered as it cools naturally on the stove. 
  5. In the morning, you can strain the tea into any glass container and leave it at room temperature. 
  6. Do not refrigerate the tea and do not add anything to the tea. 
  7. The tea is very effective when sipped first thing in the morning, followed by a large glass of water about 15 minutes later. 
  8. First thing in the morning, begin to sip the tea (about 4 to 6 oz at a time). 
  9. After drinking the tea, wait at least an hour before your next meal and wait at least an hour after eating before sipping more tea. Drink the tea as often as possible between meals, but only take small sips at a time.
*A Warning About Buying Pre-Made Kidney Cleanse Formulas
If you do prefer to purchase a pre-made brand of kidney cleanse tea, there are some ingredients to avoid: Green Tea and Uva Ursi. Green Tea is erroneously used by companies who know that it is a potent antioxidant but these companies are unaware of the damage that the caffeine and polyphenols in green tea can cause to the kidneys! Uva Ursi is a diuretic and its only function is to prompt urination. It tends to cause a sense of constant urgency (need to urinate) if the kidneys are unhealthy which is neither comfortable nor necessary. If you are drinking enough water with your kidney cleanse, you will have no need for this ingredient which only makes you urinate more. Avoiding green tea and uva ursi can ensure that you only help your body and will help you to have a comfortable kidney cleanse.

Deciding When To Do a Kidney Cleanse

For more information on kidney cleansing and to find out whether you need one, read the article and take the quiz "Do I Need A Kidney Cleanse?" and refer to the Cleanse Order List on "What Should I Cleanse First?"

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What Should I Cleanse First?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

Deciding Which Organ System to Cleanse First

People who contact me for cleanse support often ask, "What cleanse should I do first?" My answer is usually the same: Colon. There are some special cases when a person is so toxic that the colon cleanse must be modified but cleansing the colon should always be done ahead of any other organ systems in the body. The proper cleanse order is: 
  1. Colon
  2. Kidney
  3. Liver
  4. Pancreas
  5. Lungs

Why Should I Cleanse My Colon First?

The colon has reflexology points for every other part of the body.
The Wellness Institute in Toronto has the following diagram available online which shows how each part of the overall body is represented in a part of the colon.

Through cleansing the colon, many people have experienced remission from health symptoms in other areas of their bodies such as skin rashes, infections, and pain. More importantly, a toxic or impacted colon can prevent proper elimination. With any type of cleanse, proper elimination is essential to prevent re-absorption of toxins being released. Cleansing another part of the body before cleansing the colon can result in high levels of released toxins having no way of escape and can make a person very sick!

If a person experiences nausea while doing the colon cleanse, it may be necessary to alter the cleanse slightly to reduce toxic release. For information on how to do that, please visit our Colon Cleanse F.A.Q. page and look for the question "Why does the colon cleanse make me nauseous?"

If the kidneys are extremely toxic, it may be necessary to do a light kidney cleanse before continuing with the colon cleanse. This article, Do I Need A Kidney Cleanse? can help you decide.

Do I Need A Kidney Cleanse?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

Deciding Whether To Do A Kidney Cleanse

Like colon cleansing, kidney cleansing is a primary cleanse. It should be done either first or second in the cleanse order, depending on the individual. If the kidneys are extremely toxic, cleansing them first may be necessary to ensure a comfortable colon cleanse.

How can you know whether you have toxic kidneys? You can take this quiz:

1. How many cups of coffee, tea (non-herbal) or caffeinated beverages do you have per week? ____

2. How many servings of dark chocolate or soda do you have per week? ____

3. How many energy supplements or energy drinks do you take per week? ____

4. How many times do you take prescription pills or over-the-counter drugs per week? ____

5. How many servings of non-organic fruit juice do you have per week? ____

Add the total numbers together for each question 1-5.

6. How many cups of water do you drink per day? ____

Multiply your answer to this question by 3 and subtract the answer from your total for questions 1-5.

7. Do you have frequent lower back pain that is not related to a specific accident?  Yes   No

8. Do you find yourself feeling anxious or irritable on a regular basis? Yes   No

If you answered Yes to question 7 or question 8, add 6 points to your total for each "Yes" answer.

Here's how to score your quiz:

Less than 10 points: Your kidneys are likely to be average or healthy.

Over 10 points: Your kidneys may be toxic. A colon cleanse followed by a kidney cleanse can lessen the toxic load and allow kidneys to begin regenerating.

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Colon Cleanse Recipes and Protocol

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

If you read What Colon Cleansing Is then you are already interested in How To Cleanse Your Body and you have a good idea of what a doing a colon cleanse requires. Below is the recipe for the colon cleansing drink and the protocol that I follow and recommend to my clients when doing a colon cleanse.

Ingredients for the entire Colon Cleanse process:

All of the ingredients needed for the colon cleanse can be purchased online at Vitacost

Choosing the Right Colon Cleanse Drink Base:

I now use Yogi Tea® brand herbal (caffeine-free) teas as a base for making the colon cleanse drink. My favorite flavors (links below) for this particular cleanse have a good amount of ginger and natural herbal sweetness from licorice and/or stevia. Using these teas as a cleanse base makes a delicious and enjoyable cleanse experience! For a savory taste option, I use and recommend organic vegetable broth or miso broth. 

Here are the tea flavors I love:

For great prices on all of these Yogi Tea® flavors and $10 off your first order, you can use this special link at Vitacost

Savory Colon Cleanse Drink Option:

It can be nice to have a savory or salty taste option for the colon cleanse drink base instead of the sweet/spicy stuff. Two options for a savory colon cleanse drink base are:

Colon Cleanse Drink Recipes

When doing a colon cleanse, this recipe is taken 5 to 6 times per day. By fasting and only taking this drink and additional water if thirsty, mucoid plaque is eventually eliminated from the colon. The mucoid plaque will usually continue to pass until solid food is eaten again.

Colon Cleanse Drink Recipe #1: Sweet Tasting Option with Herbal Tea*

1. In a pint size jar or blender bottle, add the following:
  • 12 liquid ounces (1 1/2 cups) of warm herbal tea* made with filtered or spring water (make sure it's not hot or cold, just warm) 
  • 1 Tablespoon of liquid Bentonite
  • 1 Tablespoon of organic psyllium husks
  • 1/8 teaspoon of organic ginger powder** (optional)
  • 2 - 8 drops of liquid stevia to taste (optional)
  • dash sea salt (optional)
2. Put the top on the jar and shake it about 10 times.

3. The mixture is to be drunk within the next 2-3 minutes! If the time is longer, it gets very thick and be difficult to drink. The idea is to drink it and get it into the intestines before it begins to expand and turn to gel.

4. The jar or bottle is then refilled with more filtered or spring water. Putting the lid on and shaking it removes some psyllium that is stuck to the sides. Drinking this additional water is important in order to have enough moisture in the psyllium to help it move through the body.

Colon Cleanse Drink Recipe #2: Savory Taste Option with Miso or Vegetable Broth

1. In a pint size jar or blender bottle, add the following:
  • 12 liquid ounces (1 1/2 cups) of warm miso broth or vegetable broth made with filtered or spring water (make sure it's not hot or cold, just warm) 
  • 1 Tablespoon of liquid Bentonite
  • 1 Tablespoon of organic psyllium husks
  • 1/8 teaspoon of organic ginger powder** (optional)
  • dash of sea salt and/or pepper to taste (optional)
2. Put the top on the jar and shake it about 10 times.

3. The mixture is to be drunk within the next 2-3 minutes! If the time is longer, it gets very thick and be difficult to drink. The idea is to drink it and get it into the intestines before it begins to expand and turn to gel.

4. The jar or bottle is then refilled with more filtered or spring water. Putting the lid on and shaking it removes some psyllium that is stuck to the sides. Drinking this additional water is important in order to have enough moisture in the psyllium to help it move through the body.

Stimulating the Bowel and the Salt Water Flush

After the cleanse has started, it is helpful to use a gentle natural laxative to move the fiber mixture out of the body. It is this fiber mixture bonding to the mucoid plaque in the intestines and colon that create the cleansing effect when it is released from the body. However, the mucoid plaque being released can be very hard in texture and difficult to pass.

A natural laxative option during the cleanse helps with this. I used a salt water flush to accomplish this but some people prefer senna tea or laxative capsules. It is helpful to start with a low amount of salt and then increase the amount of salt slowly to avoid having to use the bathroom too much.

The laxative can be taken at night so that it hopefully works by morning but there is the chance of being up all night going to the bathroom if too much is taken. It is also best to drink the salt water flush at least an hour before having the first Colon Cleanse Drink so that the salt water is not simply absorbed by the psyllium and bentonite mixture. 

Salt Water Flush Drink Recipe

  • 1/2 teaspoon or more of natural sea salt (no more than 1/2 Tablespoon)
  • 8 ounces of warm water
Stir salt into water until dissolved and drink.

The Colon Cleanse Schedule

The Colon Cleanse Drink is taken every three hours while awake from waking to bedtime. If a person misses the three hour time, hunger can build and it can be difficult to stick to the cleanse without eating. If hunger is experienced before three hours passes, it is fine to have another cleanse drink less than three hours after the previous one.

Sample Colon Cleanse Schedule

6:30am: Salt Water Flush Drink (only if not using another laxative)
7:30am: Colon Cleanse Drink + 16 oz water
9:30am: Colon Cleanse Drink + 16 oz water
12:00noon: Colon Cleanse Drink + 16 oz water
3:00pm: Colon Cleanse Drink + 16 oz water
5:30pm: Colon Cleanse Drink + 16 oz water
8:30pm: Colon Cleanse Drink + 16 oz water
10pm: laxative tea or tablets (only if not doing the salt water flush)

*Why I now use Yogi Tea® or miso or vegetable broth for the colon cleanse drink base:

Based on a decades-old colon cleanse recipe, I previously used organic unfiltered apple juice as a base for the colon cleanse drink. After working with a number of clients who had reactions to the apple juice, I no longer use it for this cleanse. 

Here are the issues with apple juice as the colon cleanse drink base:

  1. The malic acid in the apple juice can prompt the liver to begin cleansing which may cause bloating, irritability, nausea or diarrhea in people who have a significant toxin buildup in their liver.
  2. The natural sugars in the apple juice can cause buildup in the intestines to ferment, producing bloating and gas that unnecessarily complicates the colon cleansing process.

**Why is ginger an optional ingredient in the colon cleanse drink recipe?

Ginger can help to reduce bloating and potential nausea caused by releasing toxins during the colon cleanse. For these reasons, adding ginger to the colon cleanse drink can help create a more pleasant cleanse experience.

Colon Cleanse F.A.Q.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Colon Cleanse
Q. How is fiber colon cleansing different from a colonic?
A. When thinking about how to cleanse your body, there are many options. When people think of how to cleanse their colon, some think of colonics. Colonics, or colon hydrotherapy, cleanse mostly new material from the colon. They are beneficial in some cases to cleanse mild buildup or to cleanse harmful bacteria from the lower and middle intestines. However, colonics work in the opposite direction as nature. Water is inserted into the colon and moved upward into the body using water pressure and sometimes external massage of the belly. This can push fecal material or even toxins upward before they are able to come down again. When done in a longer series, colonics are sometimes able to allow a person to pass impacted matter from the colon and intestines but they do not always have the complete results that are achieved by fiber colon cleansing.

Q. How much does a colon cleanse cost?
A. There are pre-packaged colon cleansing kits available, but by getting the ingredients yourself you can have all the necessary ingredients for under $15. For a few dollars more, you can purchase higher quality ingredients for a better taste. When the mixture tastes better, you will be able to cleanse longer.

Click here now for $10 off your first order at Vitacost.

Q. If I buy my colon cleanse ingredients separately, what should I look for?
A. The four cleanse ingredients you should buy at a health food store are:

Organic psyllium husks can be found in canisters for about $12. Or, psyllium husks can be purchased in bulk bins at some stores for less than $3 per pound. A word of caution though, the bulk bin psyllium tends to be of a lesser quality. It does not dissolve as well or taste as good as the psyllium in the canister.
Bentonite for cleansing is sold two ways: powder and liquid. Do not EVER attempt to consume powder bentonite unless you first mix it with a large amount of water. It is recommended that for your first cleanse, you buy the bentonite already in liquid form.  Bentonite is a natural cleansing clay and when bought in a liquid form, it has been pre-mixed with the proper amount of liquid. Bottles of bentonite can be purchased for about $12. If you need to save money, you can find powdered bentonite in bulk bins at some health food stores for under $3 per pound. If you do buy this powder, put one part bentonite powder with 20 parts of filtered water in a container or blender and shake or blend until all the lumps are out.
Organic ginger can be found in the baking aisle of your health food store with the other seasonings.

Q. Why is it important to buy organic ingredients?
A. When you are considering how to cleanse your body, you are planning to release toxins. Organic ingredients have been certified to be free of toxins. It can be dangerous to add more toxins while you are cleansing your body because cleansing puts our bodies in a vulnerable state. It is also counterproductive to put in toxins while you are trying to cleanse them.

Q. Why can’t I eat during my colon cleanse?
A. The main ingredients in the colon cleanse bind with whatever is in your intestines and draw it out to be passed through your bowel. The goal of the colon cleanse is to bind with and remove the built up, thick, rotting debris from the walls of your intestines that normally would stay in your body for life. If you eat during your cleanse, the cleanse ingredients will bind to your recently eaten food and only remove that. When I have had clients who did not pass the hard, thick lining from their bodies, they confessed that they had continued eating or snacking during their cleanse. The best way to prevent eating is to be sure to have a colon cleanse drink every 2 to 3 hours.

Q. Will I have to run to the bathroom all day?
A. While cleansing, many people are conditioned to believe that the more they go to the bathroom, the better. This is not the case. The psyllium and bentonite components of the cleanse need time to stay in the intestines and colon to do their work. As they settle into the colon, the cleansing happens as they begin to absorb old toxic buildup from the intestinal walls. During a colon cleanse, it is best to eliminate about three times per day. The good news is that you can modify your cleanse if you find that you are eliminating too often. Overactive elimination is almost always caused by the use of too much of the laxative ingredient you have chosen. If you are going to the bathroom more than three times a day, you may choose to use less salt in your salt water flush or less senna tea or fewer laxative capsules.

Q. I am not eating regular food and I am going to the bathroom every day but I didn’t pass that dark, rubbery stuff yet. What else can I do?
A. There are three things you can do to move the colon cleansing process along:
  • abdominal massage
  • drink more water
  • get more rest

Most people begin to pass sections of the impacted mucoid plaque lining of their colon and intestines within the first 3 days after they stop eating regular food. If more than three days have passed and they are not having the desired results, abdominal massage can help. By massaging the abdomen and areas of the belly above the intestines, circulation is stimulated. This helps the impacted material to detach from the walls of the colon and intestines.
It is important to drink plenty of water while colon cleansing. This keeps the lining of the intestines hydrated. Bowels are sluggish when our bodies become dehydrated.
It is very important to get enough sleep and rest while colon cleansing. Any amount of stress causes our bodies and our bowels to become tight and constricted. Relaxing, taking deep breaths and resting when possible make the process much easier. The body needs sleep in order to do what it does. Cleansing is extra hard work. A good night’s sleep or naps as needed will go a long way toward having a successful colon cleanse.

Q. How long does a colon cleanse take?
A. There are pre-packaged cleanses that last anywhere from 3 to 10 days. If you opt to buy the raw ingredients and make your own cleanse drink, you will be unlimited in the time that you take to cleanse your body. It is helpful to know that this type of fiber colon cleanse attaches to the impacted, old mucoid plaque lining of the intestines and pulls it out. The body then creates new fresh mucous to replace the lining. Because there are up to 10 meters of intestine in the adult human body, it can take a while until the very top portion of the intestine is cleansed. The mucoid plaque that is passed bears the shape and size of the intestine that released it so it is easy to tell when the intestines are mostly cleansed because at first very large, thick chunks and ropes of mucoid plaque are released from the colon and large intestine and toward the end of the colon cleanse process, very thin, small portions of the smaller, upper intestines are released. After my first two 10-day cleanses (one in 2001 and the second in 2006), I did the colon cleanse for 21 days in 2008 until only small, thin strings of mucoid plaque were coming out. For some people, it can be difficult to stay on a cleanse for that long. As a general rule of all cleansing, a person should always listen to their body intuition to determine when it is a good time to start a cleanse and how long they should stay on it. Once a person has released mucoid plaque up to the smaller intestine, it is not advised to repeat the colon cleanse process because the fresh new mucous lining is doing its job and will not need to be disturbed until or unless it becomes impacted and hardened again due to poor diet.

Q. Why does the colon cleanse make me nauseous?
A. When cleansing any part of the body, some toxins will be released back into the bloodstream. This can cause discomfort, headaches, and nausea if the body is unable to metabolize or release the toxins. If nausea happens during the colon cleanse, it is most likely due to releasing toxins that are not absorbed quickly enough by the psyllium/bentonite mixture and that are not cleaned by the kidneys. There is usually a kidney deficiency or kidney toxicity to blame. This can be helped by increasing the amount of ginger added or replacing the tea with miso broth. If nausea continues, it may be necessary to stop the colon cleanse and do a kidney cleanse first.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

What Colon Cleansing Is
Colon cleansing is one of the best steps that you can take toward overall health. Even though it is commonly referred to as colon cleansing, it generally includes the large intestine. A thorough colon cleanse over an extended period of time may even cleanse parts of the small intestine.

The Best Colon Cleanse
There are a variety of products on the market to cleanse and flush your colon, but the best colon cleanse will include two main ingredients:  bentonite and psyllium. There is a third cleanse ingredient which may vary but always has the same effect: it is a laxative. During a colon cleanse, you will not be consuming as much as you normally would, so you may take a gentle stimulant to move things along. Some cleanses may include ginger. Ginger is a good additional cleanse ingredient because it helps to reduce bloating that occurs when the old material in your intestine begins to break down to be released.

The Three Most Important Cleanse Ingredients:
  • Bentonite (in liquid form)
  • Psyllium
  • Ginger

With A Cleanse More Isn’t Always Better
A colon cleanse formula may also have additional fibers like pectin, or ingredients to eliminate parasites, or other naturally helpful cleansing herbs. It is important to remember that more is not always better when it comes to cleansing. Keeping it simple with just the basic necessary ingredients is a good way to ensure a successful cleanse with minimal complications. You will also keep your cost down by purchasing only the ingredients that you actually need for colon cleansing.

How The Cleanse Works
  • You stop eating regular food.
  • You drink a Colon Cleanse Drink several times per day.
  • The bentonite sticks to whatever is in your intestines and colon.
  • If you have not eaten, the bentonite adsorbs toxins from your intestines and colon wall.
  • Psyllium captures the bentonite and toxins and adds bulk so bowels will move.
  • Natural laxative urges psyllium, bentonite and toxins out of your body.
Bentonite is used in colon cleansing because it is a powerful detoxifying agent. It cleanses by adsorbing toxins. That means that it causes toxins to stick to it, drawing them out of their hiding places in your colon and intestine. However, bentonite is not absorbed by the body so when it pulls out the toxins, they are ready to be removed instead of reabsorbing back into you! That’s where the psyllium comes in. As a cleanse agent, bentonite by itself is not very bulky. When you combine the bentonite with the psyllium, the mixture now has enough fiber (bulk mass) to stimulate your natural bowel processes. The psyllium forms a gelatin-like substance that traps the bentonite and all of the toxins that have been cleansed from your intestines and colon. Then, they are ready to be released! That is where the laxative comes in. Whether you are using a salt water flush, or senna (natural laxative herb) tea, or a natural capsule with ingredients to gently stimulate digestion, your goal is now to move the suspended toxins out of your body when you pass your bowels. That process, repeated for several days or weeks, is what is known as colon cleansing!

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what colon cleansing is and how the cleanse works.