Friday, February 17, 2012

What Should I Cleanse First?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not authorized to offer medical advice. Below I share information about cleansing and opinions that have helped others and me to heal physically and emotionally. Please use these opinions at your own risk.

Deciding Which Organ System to Cleanse First

People who contact me for cleanse support often ask, "What cleanse should I do first?" My answer is usually the same: Colon. There are some special cases when a person is so toxic that the colon cleanse must be modified but cleansing the colon should always be done ahead of any other organ systems in the body. The proper cleanse order is: 
  1. Colon
  2. Kidney
  3. Liver
  4. Pancreas
  5. Lungs

Why Should I Cleanse My Colon First?

The colon has reflexology points for every other part of the body.
The Wellness Institute in Toronto has the following diagram available online which shows how each part of the overall body is represented in a part of the colon.

Through cleansing the colon, many people have experienced remission from health symptoms in other areas of their bodies such as skin rashes, infections, and pain. More importantly, a toxic or impacted colon can prevent proper elimination. With any type of cleanse, proper elimination is essential to prevent re-absorption of toxins being released. Cleansing another part of the body before cleansing the colon can result in high levels of released toxins having no way of escape and can make a person very sick!

If a person experiences nausea while doing the colon cleanse, it may be necessary to alter the cleanse slightly to reduce toxic release. For information on how to do that, please visit our Colon Cleanse F.A.Q. page and look for the question "Why does the colon cleanse make me nauseous?"

If the kidneys are extremely toxic, it may be necessary to do a light kidney cleanse before continuing with the colon cleanse. This article, Do I Need A Kidney Cleanse? can help you decide.